Tools for your Mettle

In these crazy, mixed-up times, we think there is a need for a new kind of smithy. Before the industrial revolution, every village had a blacksmith, a "smithy" to make tools, weapons, cooking utensils - whatever a villager needed to get through the day.

We may no longer need implements and weapons made of steel by our village smithy, but we need armor to survive just the same. To guard our spirit. 

As we navigate our work and lives that are changing at a breathtaking speed, the tools we need are more for our mind, our "mettle". It is no accident that the terms nerves of steel, tough as nails, rule with an iron fist, and many more equate strength with steel. 

In the days ahead, we will offer you a mix of products and prose to steel you for whatever challenges life presents. As we begin this journey together, please let us know if there is any way we can better serve you. 

yours truly, 
the modernsmithy